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Robert D. Dischert

Robert Dischert is a consummate financing and investment leader with more than 20 years of consulting experience. Mr. Dischert currently leads all aspects of financial instrument development, structuring, and underwriting for $1M+ loans. He truly understands the importance of determining a clients’ financial health before making any investment or financing recommendations. He approaches every opportunity with an open and honest line of communication and is committed to providing only responsibly planned financial instruments.

Robert D. Dischert President

About Us

Thank you for considering MD Capital, America’s leading choice for Hotel Motel, Apartment, Commercial Real Estate and Business Financing.

Through a team of seasoned professionals with over three decades of experience, MD Capital provides commercial and multifamily debt to both new and seasoned commercial real estate investors. We originate Commercial Real Estate Financing, Hotel Motel Financing, and Apartment Financing in primary, secondary and tertiary markets for most commercial real estate asset classes.

With a standardized product driven online commercial lending platform, we make it easier for you to review our comprehensive mix of highly customized commercial and apartment loan programs and decide which program best meets your individual needs and investment objectives.

With deep long standing relationships with our capital partners, we’re able to negotiate and provide you with the most favorable rates and terms in the market. We are able to process your loan request more efficiently with fewer fees and lower costs.

MD Capital’s dedicated team of seasoned commercial mortgage professionals provide a smooth and seamless customer experience from your initial request for a quote through closing.

  • Choice – Multiple commercial real estate loan and apartment loan programs ensure you get the financing that’s best for you and your property.
  • Low rates and costs – Strong volume and deep long standing relationships with our capital partners enable us to negotiate the most favorable rates, terms and costs.
  • Seasoned professionals – Over three decades of knowledge and experience ensure you’re working with a team of knowledgeable dedicated commercial mortgage specialists. Our team makes sure your loan closes in a timely manner and on rate, term and cost.
  • Save time and money – Efficient loan platform saves you time and money allowing you to concentrate on your investment, not on financing your investment.
  • Secure personal information – We never sell or provide your personal information or email address to unrelated third parties.

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It’s quick and easy to get started with MD Capital. Simply Call or Email us your loan request summary and we will assign a commercial mortgage specialist to your request who will provide you with our most competitive quote.

  • Complete the apartment loan quick quote loan request summary for apartment, multifamily and healthcare properties.
  • Complete the commercial loan quick quote loan request summary for all other commercial real estate properties.